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Brooke (Dam)

Brooke is 18 pounds and is Bella’s daughter. Much like Bella, she is also very smart with a big bag trick and listens very well to commands. She loves little children more than anyone, and her first litter of puppies where some of the best-looking Cavaliers we have raised. We are so excited to have her as our family pet like the others and part of our breeding program!


Behr (Sire)

Behr is 18 pounds and the cuddliest, lovable, and sweetest Cavalier you will find! Males make just as good and just as clean as pets as the females do and Behr is proof of it! He is very smart, obeys, and adores being adored! We are thrilled with his development and that he is half of every Cavalier pup we raise!


Bella (Dam)

Bella is 16 pounds and is the most spoiled and sassy of them all! She is hilarious as she demands princess treatment as the world revolves around her or so she thinks! She loves anyone who will give her attention or a treat, she is very smart with a whole bag of tricks she loves to perform again for more treats! She throws some of the most wonderful looking Cavalier puppies!

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